Push Pin Mural

We recently finished up our second mural that the coworking space, CommonGrounds aka Vibe Hub. It's an awesome space located in Carlsbad that just opened up! They commissioned us to do the "Make it happen" mural and this push pin mural. All of the walls were previously blank, so it was our duty to bring some life to the space.

To be honest, the push pin mural was a fairly aggressive task. We had no idea how many push pins we were going to need so it was an ongoing guess in our Amazon shopping cart. We ended up using over 7,000 and it was completed after four days. Special thanks to Roxy's mom and sisters, as well as Annie Gonzalez for their help! It went up way faster having more than just two thumbs going at it! Much love to you ladies for sacrificing your thumbs for us!



Hi Sweetheart Workshop

We had a great time teaching our last workshop at Hi Sweetheart in La Jolla. The gift boutique had tons of different lettering examples for us to use as examples during the workshop. There is so much that you can do with lettering so it is sometimes hard to teach, but our students were ambitious and experimented a lot! We're hoping some fancy holiday cards are created using their new skills. 

Black Book

We hand painted logos in the windows of a new pop up shop in Encinitas last week. It was our first time using 1 Shot paint and it was really successful! Enamel based paint on glass is extremely satisfying and fun to work with. Each logo was about 2 feet wide and will last for the next two months in the shop. We hope to do more work like this! 

Vibe Hub

Last week we completed first of two murals at the coworking space Vibe Hub. Located at the Poinsettia train station in Carlsbad, it is going to be a hot spot for commuters and North County freelancers. We aimed to create a subtle but powerful message for all of the people that will be working in the space. The waves we painted were a gloss paint on top of the background which was a matte color. It sits in the main kitchen/lounge space, so everyone that enters the building will be welcomed by our mural. It was the first time we successfully used a projector to get our design on the wall and it's safe to say we're happy with the results. Check out all the photos of our process below and stay tuned for the second mural we'll be doing for Vibe Hub.

Mama's Kitchen

We designed and painted a mural last weekend at the wonderful non-profit, Mama's Kitchen. They provide meals to those affected by HIV, AIDS, and cancer. It is completely volunteer based and we were so excited to have the opportunity to volunteer and help beautify their space! We had a great turnout of volunteers from our meet-up group to help paint the mural. It went up in under 8 hours! Check out the photos below. We're super proud of our team and hope that Mama's Kitchen volunteers enjoy the mural!


In September we had the pleasure of traveling to San Juan, PR for a week! During the day we played and at night we worked. Beach, rainforest, mojitos, we were able to find inspiration almost everywhere. All jokes aside, the street art was phenomenal in San Juan. It was hard to walk anywhere without snapping a photo on our iPhones.

We were able to channel all of our inspiration in to one massive mural that we painted in a private residence. The length was about 20 ft. high and the mural covered a staircase, spanning two floors. The owner gave us the phrase "Less but better", to work with and we let our creative juices flow. Check out our process photos below and a few other images from around the island.

Industry Mural #1

On Tuesday night we completed our first of two murals at the Industry HQ in downtown San Diego. We applied their logo to one of the office walls, but with a little flare of our own. We filled the logo with many different food and restaurant items. We started by gridding out the logo and chalking in the different items. Then we used paint markers to outline the items, which we then painted in with house paint. Take a look at the photos to see our process and how the logo came to life! 

Red Bull Chalk Mural

This week we completed one of our most detailed pieces to date! On Monday morning we drove up to Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, CA to design and chalk out a 8 x 8 ft. mural advertising Red Bull's new radio show. Not only did it involve lettering, but the piece showcased 8 different video game characters. It took us over 10 hours (minus travel) but we had a blast doing it! Because there was so much natural light in the room, we weren't able to use a projector and the whole mural was freehanded. Take a look at the corresponding photos to get a better understanding of our process.